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Kyoto Vase - Set of 2


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The Kyoto Set of two vases is truly unique. It's consists of two hand-made sculptural vases with the same silhouettes, one slightly taller than the other. They can be used individually or paired, where their difference in height creates a visual counterpoint that imbues them with immense charm. We’ve nestled a plexiglass liner in each vase for water allowing for the most amazing floral arrangements. Ideal for long branches and inventive flower arrangements. But if you’d prefer to display them empty, they hold their weight on their own. Reminiscent of the work of French Art Deco designers, the Kyoto Vase Set of 2 is interesting, impactful, and can be displayed together or separately for ultimate versatility.

  • 4" D x 8.5" H, 4 x 10" H