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Newfield Herringbone Throw - Heather Twist


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Newfield weaves together twisted yarn with a soft white ground to create a more subtle color combination of Brahms Mount's iconic cotton throw. The large-scale herringbone pattern with a flourish of hand-twisted and knotted rope fringe is finished with true selvedge, the beautiful self-finished hem which can only be produced on an antique loom. Made from 100% USA cotton. Finished with hand-twisted and knotted rope fringe. Size: 48" x 70", plus fringe
WASHING: Wash separately in cold water on a short, gentle cycle, with as much water as possible to allow for movement. Avoid harsh detergents. Use a liquid detergent without bleach or brighteners. Always pre-dilute your detergent
DRYING: Careful drying is important. Tumble dry on a delicate setting, medium to high heat . Remove promptly. Do not overdry.